Your Next Jewish Read: KosherSoul

Title: KosherSoul: The Faith and Food Journey of an African American Jew

Author: Michael Twitty

Year of Publication: 2022

Publisher: HarperCollins (Read a sample here)

Why I Bought/Borrowed It: I saw KosherSoul on the new books display at my awesome public library branch. I immediately snatched it up.

Two Sentence Summary: To continue with a food-related metaphor, KosherSoul is a smorgasbord of ideas, history, reflections, personal stories, interviews, and of course, recipes. It is about the interconnectedness and richness of African-Jewish culture; the diaspora of people, food, and cuisine; and also about racism and the questioning of Black Jewishness that continues within the Jewish, and broader, community.

You May Know Michael Twitty from: The Cooking Gene (winner of the James Beard Foundation Book of the Year Award 2018), his numerous appearances, and his Insta.

Additional Notes: This book is immensely readable and I will need to read it once again to glean all this memoir has to offer.

Keep on Reading on! xo, Amy

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