Your Next Jewish Read: Milk Fed

Title: Milk Fed

Author: Melissa Broder

Genre: Realistic Fiction

Year of Publication: 2021

Why I Borrowed/Bought It: I purchased my copy of Milk Fed from based on book buzz and of course, that cover.

Two sentence summary: Rachel is 24, lives in LA, is a lapsed Jewish bi-sexual, and as this book opens the reader is immediately drawn into the regimented life that marks her (TW) disordered eating. Milk Fed never flags bridging sadness, Judaism, nostalgia, new-love-excitement, eroticism with the protagonist’s sense of wit and eventual spontaneity.

Final Thoughts: If you liked Fleischman is in Trouble, this may be the book for you.

There was something nice about being forced to be done with everything by sunset, to be excused from life. It was like a teacher’s note from the ultimate authority.

Milk fed ~ Melissa broder
Keep on Reading on! xo, Amy

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