Your (Future) Jewish Read: Goyhood

Coming May 28, 2024
In the spirit of The Golem of Brooklyn, Goyhood, by Reuven Fenton, takes the reader along for a ride of self-discovery and repair of relationships past, present, and future. Following the death of his mother, Mayer, who has lived his younger adult life as a Talmudic scholar with this wife Sarah, returns to a world known only to his worldly twin brother, David.
As a religious twist waylays the best laid plans, the two brothers set off on a trip through the American south, finding, along their path, a host of other people and even a four-legged friend, each hiding their own secrets and facing their own challenges both physical and spiritual.

Thank you to NetGalley for a sneak peak at Goyhood.

Keep on Reading on! xo, Amy

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