Your (Future) Jewish Read: Kissing Kosher

Kissing Kosher: A Novel by Jean Meltzer

My rating: 5 of 5 stars

It’s official. I’m a Jean Meltzer book addict. I just finished Mr. Perfect on Paper when I saw an opportunity to read an advanced copy on NetGalley. I gobbled this book up in 24 hours. What did I love about it? The yiddishkeit is what really draws me to Jean Meltzer’s books, starting with The Matzah Ball. I love seeing elements of Judaism threaded throughout the text. Jean has a knack for explaining Jewish traditions, rituals, and even language without it seeming forced or hearing the author’s “voice”. Then there’s the romcom aspect. Funny, romantic, but with real world issues. In this case, (tw) verbal abuse, chronic disease, and pain management. The only bad thing is now I will probably have to wait what will seem like a lifetime for Jean’s fourth book!

This is a special edition of Your Next Jewish Read. Kissing Kosher: A Novel by Jean Meltzer (Author of Mr. Perfect on Paper) will be available on August 29, 2023.

Keep on Reading on! xo, Amy

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